What’s a Socialist? Is it a Bad Word?

The word Socialist is thrown around a lot, as if it were a “bad” word. I thought it was a good word to look up. Here’s what I found. Socialism is a political and economic movement advocating the doctrine that the public owns and operates production and distribution of goods. Meaning that the operations are collectively and democratically performed, or government owned. Among Socialists, there is a lot of distrust of Capitalists and their control of industry. Other titles often associated with Socialists are, Anarchist, Nihilist, Nationalist, Communist, Bolshevist and Collectivist. A Collectivist would appreciate the government having much of the control. The Nihilist would not like to see government control, believing the governments are relics of bad politics. The Anarchist would also not like to see government having all the control because of the belief that the government supports privileges and the class system. Many a life has been lost fighting over who controls the goods. It has been the cause of many large-scale wars. Sad but true. Suellen Ocean is the author of the Civil War Era Historic Romance, Black Pansy.

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Nobility… Royalty… What is A Duke?

I’ve been tracing my husband’s ancestry and some of the other researchers believe his Churchill line is related to the Duke of Marlborough. I wasn’t quite sure what a Duke was so I looked it up. The Old French word is duc, the Latin is dux (ducis) meaning “leader.” A duke is a sovereign ruler of a duchy or small state. A duke is a nobleman next in rank to a prince. You’ve heard of kingdom? There is also dukedom. Suellen Ocean is the author of the historic novel The Celtic Prince Available here:



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