Here Are the Words to Auld Lang Syne, It’s a New Year’s Eve Tradition!

Robert Burns wrote this song in the late 1700’s. It’s been popularly sung on New Year’s Eve for generations. It has many versions but these two verses are enough to do the trick and bring tears to your eyes:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And days of auld lang syne


For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

For auld lang syne

Happy New Year!

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Published by

Suellen Ocean

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sonoma State University, Suellen Ocean does her writing from the hills of Northern California. She began writing professionally for print and radio broadcasting in the late 1980's. Her first self-published book led to her becoming "officially" published, when in 1998 she was asked to participate in the anthology, "The Simple Life" through Berkley Books, New York. She is the author of sixteen books on diverse subjects.

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