French and American History: What is the Statue of Liberty?

Americans know exactly what the Statue of Liberty looks like and most probably know it was given to America by the French. I wanted to know more so here’s the lowdown:

The people of France gave the Statue of Liberty to Americans in 1886. Why did they give us this neat statue? They gave it to us because they knew we went to war with England at great sacrifice and they wanted to honor us for our success in gaining independence. The French and the English have gone to war many times. For centuries, there was animosity between the two countries. It must have been France’s way of saying, “We are on your side America.”

We had a history of war with France too so it may have also been a symbol of peace. American children were so honored by the gift, they collected pennies at school and collectively paid to have a statue made of a Frenchman (with horse) who served as an American General and an American Statesman. That man was General Lafayette. The schoolchildren sent the statue to France where it still stands today. Suellen Ocean is the author of the historic novel The Lies of the Lion Available here:

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The Lies ot he Lion


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