History Buffs… Have You Watched the New Series, Vikings?

I saw a promotion for the new series, “Vikings” in the New Yorker magazine. It was hype, of course, but it looked dramatic and loving history the way I do, I had to see it. I was right, it is dramatic but it’s also violent but I’ve seen worse. I’ve read a little bit of Viking history so I recognized a lot of the historical detail. But at times I find myself going, “yeah… right.” But hey, how can you create an entertaining history series for modern man/woman without adapting it? You can’t. I sure take liberties with my historical fiction. In a nutshell though, my husband and I both agree, it’s a soap opera. But as soap operas go, it’s interesting, different and fun. The acting is excellent and features mostly actors I’ve never heard of, and am enjoying their work. There are a couple of familiar faces making an appearance, David Byrne for one. And speaking of David reminds me of music. The Viking’s sound track is excellent as are the boats, the scenery and one more point about the acting. The boy who plays a leading role as Ragnor’s son, is the finest young male actor I’ve ever seen.

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