Colonial Masters Were Not Permitted to Mutilate Slaves

BlackPansyKindleCoverThe world during the era of slavery was a nightmare. The Louisiana Code Noir, was a set of laws enacted to maintain control over slave-colonist relationships, about such things as marriage, sexual relations and what authorities thought was appropriate punishment. Section Thirty-Eight of the code permitted Colonial “masters,” to put their slaves in irons and whip them with rods or ropes. History shows us that colonial masters did indeed make use of the liberalness of this law. It remained in force until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Slavery conditions were so brutal, the authorities had to make a law forbidding the mutilation of the limbs or any part of a slave’s body. If colonial masters were caught mutilating the arms or legs of their slaves, or any other body part, the slaves were to be confiscated and the masters were to answer to the court. They were though, legally allowed to whip a slave with a rod or a rope and put them into irons, if the masters thought “the case required it.”

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