What Goes Around Always Comes Around. Remember the Mongol Hordes…

Black PansyWe shouldn’t be peaceful just because we are afraid that those we antagonize might hit back. We should be peaceful because it is a better way to live. It’s enlightened. The word speaks for itself. Peaceful… without strife. Sounds pleasant.

Canva Blue Violet CoverDid you know that it was the Mongol hordes who brought gunpowder to Europe? The Mongols were a native tribe from Mongolia, mostly nomadic tent dwellers. They got their hands on gunpowder from the Chinese and began a continuous back and forth with the Europeans who eventually wrestled control over much of the world, especially the seas and the spice routes, due to their new knowledge of gunpowder. Funny how that is. We should be careful about the war technology that we tote to foreign countries, it can and does come back to bite us. The Russians used the gunpowder technology and developed it further. Their military capabilities grew so advanced, they were able to take vast amounts of territory from the nomadic Asian Kingdom of Mongols, who taught them how to use the gunpowder in the first place. Who knew?

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