Genealogy: What Were Your North Carolina Ancestors Worth? 10 Pounds Sterling?

If we’re lucky, we will run across a will belonging to our ancestors. If it was three-hundred-and-fifty years ago, it may have consisted of silver candlesticks, beeswax, a wooden cupboard and a cow. That was their net worth. History reveals other wills, listing the names of slaves who were passed on to living family members as if they were livestock. They had no net worth for they had no freedom. And then there were the 400 Tuscarora Indians of North Carolina, taken prisoner by Colonel James Moore after he attacked them during the Tuscarora War, one of the many battles during the French and Indian Wars. Colonel Moore sold them into slavery for 10 pounds sterling each. Within the tribe of the Tuscarora were other small tribes, including the Coree. The Indians not captured, escaped to the north and lived among the Iroquois who labeled them the Sixth Nation.

Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret Genealogy IV – Native Americans Hidden in Our Family Trees and Secret Genealogy V– Black, White and Hamite; Ancestors of Color in Our Family Trees. Available here:

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Suellen Ocean

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sonoma State University, Suellen Ocean does her writing from the hills of Northern California. She began writing professionally for print and radio broadcasting in the late 1980's. Her first self-published book led to her becoming "officially" published, when in 1998 she was asked to participate in the anthology, "The Simple Life" through Berkley Books, New York. She is the author of sixteen books on diverse subjects.

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