The Vikings Meets the British Monarchy Meets Genealogy

The ancient Celts built forts by taking large stones and placing them in a circle or row on top of a hill. Another name for this ancient primitive fortification is Danish fort, known for having double wall protection.

In Britain, in 823 A.D., the King of Wessex attacked the King of Mercia. The legend remains, “The River Ellendune ran red with blood and blocked with ruin.” Ellendune was originally the Dun of Ella, an ancient fortress. The winner of the battle was the King of Wessex, Egbert. His story is portrayed in the television series, The Vikings. After Egbert won the battle, he gained so much power that his overlordship became the British Monarchy as we know it today.

If you have the surname Duncan, Dunbar, Dunker, Dundee, Dunmore or Dunster, or a name that begins with dun, your ancestors may have dwelt among the ancient Celts.

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