Genealogy: Dishonest Ancestors… It’s Up to Us to Uncover the Truth

I grew up with a sense of not knowing my origins. Now why was that? You would think that if there were nothing to hide I would know. And if you haven’t noticed, there are many Americans who don’t really know where their ancestors hailed from, which is why genealogy is so popular in this country. Who are we?

Take my maiden name for example, Wroten. It’s an unusual name but was never spoken as being a Jewish surname. Once I saw “Rotin” listed as an ancient Sephardic name, of course I began researching in a different direction, one not mired in the illusions of fairy tale knights and English Royalty. And I don’t see “English” ancestry the same way either. So what if our ancestors were in England before they came to America, and so what if they were a knight or held some other noble title, they could still have come from Hebrew ancestry. Plenty disguised their identity before going to England.

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