The KKK Modeled Themselves After a Fraternity but Their Antics Were Sinister…

Black PansyAfter the Civil War, the Ku-Klux-Klan set out to terrorize blacks. The structure of their group was modeled after college fraternities and they sought to have fun with their get-togethers but their antics were sinister and their motives were to drive the newly-freed blacks from the South. When reading about their hierarchy, it sounds like something out of a children’s fantasy book. But what they did, was not child’s play. They were deadly serious. The leader of the KKK was a general named Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was their “Grand Wizard.” He ruled over what they called their “Invisible Empire.” Invisible because it was cryptic and illegal. (They murdered blacks.)Canva Blue Violet Cover  The next guy down was the “Grand Wizard,” he helped rule the South. Every state had its own realm and it was supervised by a “Grand Dragon.” The counties were called “dominions,” a “Grand Giant” ruled over the dominions. A “Grand Titan” ruled over the county. Smaller localities were called “dens,” and they were ruled by a “Grand Cyclops.” The members were called “Ghouls.”Front Cover Black Lilac

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The Historical & Cultural Significance of Oaks & Their Edible Fruit, the Acorn


There are not many places around the world where oak trees haven’t left their mark. The giant oaks were so stout and the wood so long-lasting, many an ancient habitation was built using oak stumps for a foundation, some reportedly still standing hundreds of years later. The Greeks and the Romans both chose the oak to build their homes, ships and bridges. The Vikings used the oak heartwood to build their long ships and later the English used it to build their legendary fleet of war ships. An old Encyclopedia Britannica from 1884 stated that, “the church till recently standing at Greenstead in Essex, and supposed to have been erected in the 10th century was wholly formed of oak trunks roughly squared.”

The fruit of the oak, the acorn, was also prized by the ancients. The oak was, and still is sacred to the Druids of Northern Britain and it…

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An Open Letter to Johnny Depp

Doesn’t hurt to ask… again.


Dear Johnny,

The world has embraced you as theirs. You step outside the boundaries of mortality with the relaxed, carefree way in which you approach your craft. But at the same time, in your real life (if the world has allowed you to have one) you speak up against injustices. So it is perfectly reasonable that I should want you to play Celtic Prince Jonathan in my historical fiction movie, The Celtic Prince. This golden-torched young man Jonathan is the son of a liaison between the king and his mistress (an excellent castle cook). Mentored by a medieval Knights Templar who takes refuge in the castle, the boy grows up within the castle kitchen, tagging along occasionally when his parents commit indiscreet liaisons behind the Queen’s back. Since no Johnny Depp movie is without a love interest, the grown Celtic Prince Jonathan has a torrid love affair with the…

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What is a Plutocrat?

Plutocracy means government by the wealthy. A Plutocrat is a member of the Plutocracy, the government controlled by wealthy rulers, “a controlling class of rich men”. Today, we must add “women”, due to the power they have achieved. A plutocrat is one who has power or influence, due to his or her wealth. Suellen Ocean is the author of the historic novel The Lies of the Lion Available here:


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Are Some Hippy Movements Amish Inspired?

Not the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll kind of hippies but the ones who extolled the virtues of living simply and during the 60’s and 70’s had both a back to the land and a Jesus Freak streak in them (don’t ask me how I know). Think about it. Thousands of young people fled metro areas for the country. They scorned materialism for the simple pleasures of milking their own goats, tending gardens, schooling their own children, often living with no electricity and without modern conveniences, growing beards and living in “distinction from the world around them”. Add to that peace and reconciliation instead of violence. Were we really just doing our own thing?

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