Arabic Culture Brought Trade… Including Banking

During the medieval era, crusading knights thought they were the most civilized and advanced in all the world. Little did they know that the Turks saw them as ignorant barbarians. Because the Mohammedan culture was so much more advanced than that of the European crusaders, it caught the knights by surprise. The Eastern civilization dazzled the knights with their arts and culture. After they brought back precious stones, colorful rugs, spices and jewelry, to the European world, the people wanted more. Retrieving these fabulous treasures required ships to be built, bankers to handle the transactions and middlemen to sell the wares. Trading increased and brought great prosperity to European cities.  Suellen Ocean is the author of the historical series, The Lion’s Trace Available here:

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The Moneylenders Who Began Britain’s Wall Street

Lombard Street is a lot like America’s Wall Street. Over 800 years ago the Lombards who settled there were moneylenders, giving this London area special historical significance. Who were the Lombards? Their original name, Langobardi may mean “men of the long axes”. The Lombards were members of ancient European Teutonic tribes, defined as tall and blonde and included many other northern European groups. In 568 the Lombards conquered Northern Italy, and contributed to the history of Moravia as it was there they became Arians adapting the doctrine that Christ was not the eternal Son of God nor of that essence. Northern Italy still bears their name, Lombardy.

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