Politics and Pirates… That’s What Filibuster Means? Really?

On the day that I heard that the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie sequel had been hacked, hit with malware and held for ransom, I ran across this historical tidbit. Filibuster was the word used for West Indie pirates (Buccaneers) during the 1600’s. It means free booty. It’s a Dutch word… vrijbuiter. Vrij means free and buit means booty. The Spanish adapted it and call it filibustero. In American politics it refers to when one of the primary political parties (Democratic or Republican) gets together and tries to stop legislation by talking for hours.

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Can We Trust the Politicians? What Would Churchill Say?

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I grew up during the Vietnam War. My mother wrung her hands as she watched the news. I knew horrible things were going on but I never worried about it. It was an adult problem. I trusted the adults to figure it out. And they did, eventually. That war was an atrocity that ruined millions of lives. Young American men were forced to go to war and then disrespected when they got home. How does a generation heal from that? Not easily. Perhaps never.

Every day, I wait for that naive, childish faith to kick in. Sometimes, I can feel it close, but I can’t grab it. I look for hope by reading dozens of political articles. Whether written in anger or not, all of them are informative. But no matter how many I read, I just can’t seem to let go and trust. But I believe that I should. The only thing that gives me hope, is something that Winston Churchill said during WWII.

“You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”

The power lays within every American. How we think and feel as Americans, pushes this country. Because most of us are vocal, compassionate, fair and respect our laws. If you doubt that, take a drive and watch how every single driver stops at the stoplight. Let’s hope that the politicians that we voted for are true Americans. And like Churchill said, we can count on them to “do the right thing.” Because I, for one, would like to relax a little and regain some of that child-like trust. And don’t forget… our taxes that we worked hard for, are paying for them to do the right thing. For us. The American people.

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