Who Were the Nordic Giants that Went to Ireland? Our Ancestors?

Legend has it that during the days of Viking marauding, some very large people went to Ireland. They are known as the Fomorian which means “giants.” Who were these early giants of the sea? Some call them “Gaelic sea spirits of darkness.” Their history seems to engulf Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. Archaeologists see them as giants of Nordic origin from the Hebrides (islands off the northwest coast of Scotland) who came from the Mediterranean on ships.

Who were the Fomorian that arrived early to Ireland? They are for many, the ancient ancestors. What did they believe? Were they Pagan? They arrived from the Mediterranean, were they Muslims or Jews? Or were they Vikings who went from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean and then sailed to Ireland? It was a very long time ago. And since humans have always been known to conquer, assimilate and conquer again, they were no doubt a composite of many ancient civilizations. Today, as genealogists, we want to pick their history apart and analyze the separate pieces. Because in the pieces, we find the stories or our ancestors. Those whose flesh and blood we are made of. In many respects, they must have been very different than we are today. But surely, we have physical attributes and personality traits that we would recognize… if only we could see them – touch them. This is as close as we can get.

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