Native American Genealogy… Seeking Our Ancestors

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Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux Indian tribe is remembered by these words:

“The White Man made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they only kept one. They promised to take our land, and they took it.”

Humans always strike out for new lands, encroaching on those who were there before them. In what the Europeans called, Manifest Destiny, they swept across the continent and settled from the east coast to the west. In the earliest days of contact, as those of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Indians were friendly but as the new settlers began staking claims on Indian lands, threatening their way of life and their survival, wars ensued. It’s a complex situation, those of us who are descendants of European settlers and have some Native American ancestry. Because of past prejudices toward being “Indian,” our Native ancestors are hidden in our family trees.

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