The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Princess Diana’s Death…

TheCelticPrinceCoverGOLDThere are those who believe that Princess Diana’s death was not an accident. Conspiracy theories abound. There’s the belief that because she was associating with extremely powerful and wealthy Arabs, of whom the queen did not approve, she was assassinated. And there’s a belief that some nefarious Freemasonry cult used her as a symbolic sacrifice. If you need more detail on these conspiracies, you’ll have to google them. I read the former in a news magazine years ago and the latter came straight from someone’s mouth. I had a hard time understanding but it had something to do with the royal family and being named after the ancient goddess. I’m not one to randomly believe hearsay but I’ve always wondered what was the significance of Princess Diana’s name, so I read up on it.Hand Painted Roses Cover Sec Gen III

The Greeks had a mythological goddess named Artemis. The Romans called her Diana. (Diana means goddess.) She was the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo. She’s associated with hunting and you’ll see her with a bow and arrow. Diana… nature goddess… virgin goddess. And for women who worshipped her during childbirth, she was the moon-goddess. Artemis is even mentioned in the Bible and through the ages, who and what Artemis (Diana) was, grew distorted from the original Greek myth, even evoking human sacrifice. Thus the connection to the conspiracy that she was killed and that the tragic car accident in Paris was deliberate.

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