Let’s Figure Out What a Bolshevik Is…

Chimney FireI hear it in movies all the time, Bolshevik. A Russian revolutionary. Right? I’m not positive, so it’s time I throw open the dictionary.

Bolshevik comes from the Russian word bolshe, meaning “the larger.” The original Bolsheviki (an “i” makes it plural) were the majority (larger) group of the Russian Social Democratic Party. They were considered radicals and were given the name Bolsheviks. A Bolshevist (with a “t”) is any radical, especially one who believes in the overthrow of capitalism by force.  I can see why I was confused. Bolshevik did not originally mean radical, it meant larger, referring to the majority of people in the party who subscribed to that way of thinking. But since the group had radical political views, the word has come to mean a Russian radical.

Bolshevik or Bolshevist, take your pick. In 1918, the Russian Bolsheviki started calling their faction, the Communist Party.New Hot Snow Cover

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