Does Your Iberian Ancestry Descend from Gypsies?

Gypsies play an important role in world history. Their bold, festive, emotional music inspired composers. Their world travels are the themes of many a romantic tale and for centuries, their colorful clothes have been a favorite of Bohemians.

Because the Gypsies wandered throughout the world, one could easily ask themselves if they have Gypsy ancestry. One strong theory is that Gypsies originated in Northern India and wound up in Persia. After leaving Persia, one group migrated into Northern Africa. From there, they could have gone to Spain and Portugal (Iberia).

Gypsies made their way from Europe to America. My old encyclopedia states that during the 1950’s, the largest Gypsy settlement in the United States was in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Those searching genealogy with family history from Braddock, could have a lot of fun with that tip. Please let us know what you discover.

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Iberian Ancestry… Could That Be Jewish?

If or informs us that we have Iberian ancestry, could that include Jewish ancestry? To keep it simple, when we hear Iberia, think Spain and Portugal. Although, to be honest, I think of North Africa because the Mohammedans from North Africa conquered Spain many years ago and I also think of Scotland and Ireland because of the Spanish Armada in 1588. After Spain was unsuccessful with their sea attack on England, storms drove the Spanish ships to their shores. I’ve read accounts where dark hair and dark eyes of a Scots or an Irishman are suspected of being the result of the Armada’s sea disaster. (Sailors washed ashore.) Britain has plenty of Iberian ancestry. And long before the Armada, Anthropologists speak of migration from Iberia to Britain.

I am told that tests for Sephardic Jewish ancestry and that you can upload your results for free. Anyone whose DNA tests show Iberian ancestry, should explore the possibility of Sephardic ancestry. But be forewarned, Sephardic is not as easy to determine as is Ashkenazi.

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What Does Iberian Mean?


SecretGenealogyFrontCoverIberia is the Spanish peninsula so it refers to people from that region. My old dictionary speaks of an “Iberian race.” Iberian also refers to those native to Portugal. But it gets confusing because the ancient Iberians were of the Caucasus region, which is east of Spain. But because the Caucasus is along the coast of the Black Sea, Iberia was accessible by sea. History gets confusing. REALLY confusing. My old dictionary states that the Iberians were “probably the ancestors of the modern Georgians.” A country’s boundaries change through the ages but today the tiny country of Georgia is just north of Turkey and Iran.SecretGenealogyIIFrontCover

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