Here Come Those Iberians Again…

Oh geez, those Iberians are confusing but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss a little bit more about them. A lot of people come to my blog searching for Iberian information so I had to tell everyone about the Firbolg.

The who? The Firbolg were an ancient Irish ethnic group, going way back in time. So far back, ethnologists refer to them as the Irish aboriginal people. They had dark hair and long heads. (I see that a lot in reference to the Scots and Scots-Irish, the long-headed bit.) The Firbolg were not Aryans. (Some would say Aryan means blond and blue-eyed, others would argue, rightfully so.) The Firbolg were Iberian, meaning that they originally came from the Iberian Peninsula, the area known today as Spain and Portugal. The Firbolg were subdued by the Milesians, a Celtic tribe from Britain. The most common definition of the meaning of Firbolg is bagmen. I have no idea what is meant by that as I have not researched that aspect of it. Who knows, maybe they used sheep bladders as bags. The picture that comes into my mind is Scottish men in crude clothing with bagpipes. But, that’s just me.

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