Don’t Feel Bad… They Didn’t Like Catholics or Jews Either

Black PansyThe Ku-Klux-Klan was a secret political organization in the Southern United States that gained momentum during Reconstruction, after the Civil War. The group’s main mission was the establishment of white power. One thing the group made clear was that they did not want freed blacks to have any power. Due to bureaucratic red tape, some of the white Southerners were unable to vote after the war, while freed blacks were not only able to vote but were given positions in the government. Obviously, this freaked out the white status quo who went from dominating the blacks to watching them take jobs in the newly formed post-war administration.

Canva Blue Violet CoverAcceptance into the group was only open to white Protestants who were born in America. Today the Ku-Klux-Klan has morphed into other organizations but lately, refugee problems in Europe and fears of terrorism in the United States has brought white supremacy groups back into the news.

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