History Gets Depressing After A While… or Even Right Away

TheCelticPrinceCoverGOLDI write books about history. Whether it’s a Civil War romance or a genealogical how-to, I’m always head over heels in history. Most days I can take it, but I have days when I can’t. There are two periods in history that depress me the most. The medieval ages of the crusades and the slavery of the nineteenth century. Both were times when people were not attached to their hearts. There are accounts of crusaders sweeping through Jerusalem, killing almost everyone in sight. And the atrocities done to the Knights Templar after their fateful arrest on Friday the thirteenth (giving that day its unlucky reputation) are recorded in great detail, right down to what happened to their flesh when they were burned on the cross. The gruesome details of slavery are everywhere. I can’t avoid it. And if anyone wants to feel singled out, don’t. We all have ancestors who were victims of those whose heart was disconnected from the decision-making part of their brain. Like every good romance… whatever your ethnicity… isn’t it time we put a happy ending on it?  Suellen Ocean is the author of many books on diverse topics. Her books are available here: http://www.amazon.com/Suellen-Ocean/e/B001KC7Z78