Southern Belles Are Not Just White… They’re Black Too

I don’t know what it is about the Antebellum South that inspires stories. The humid weather, the moss draping from the trees and the wind blowing onto hot bodies. The history. Yes, the cruel brutal practice of slavery inspires many an author to take pen in hand, I write about that too. But what inspires me the most, are the people who were caught in-between slaves and white plantation owners. They are the children of these unions. How did these beautiful people navigate the prejudice and injustice of being a little of both? They’re not just humans with skin color, they’re real people. With real quandaries. And they fall in love. These are their stories. Suellen Ocean is the author of the series, Civil War Era Romances. Available here:

Book One, Black Pansy:

Book Two, Blue Violet:

Book Three, Black Lilac:

Book Four, Ellie:

Book Five, Rose Thorn:

Book Six, Mississippi Wild Blue:

Book Seven, Dandelion Lane:

Book Eight, Scarlet Lobelia:

Book Nine, White Laurel: