We Know About the Roaring Twenties but Have You Heard of the Naughty Nineties?

The Roaring Twenties must have been a fun time. Flappers, bootleggers, speakeasys and dancing the Charleston. (If that was your thing.) The Great Depression must have brought the fun to a screeching halt. Another era that is known for cutting loose is that which the Victorian Era brought. Because the social customs of the Victorian Era were so dull and sober, at the end of the 1800’s there was an attitude change. The French have given us the phrase Fin de Siècle, which means “end of the century.” What the era is also known as, is the Naughty Nineties, for it was a time when enough people broke away from convention and attracted the attention of historians, newspapers and those who wanted to join in the fun. I would assume the expression, Gay Nineties, refers to the same phenomenon. Our attitudes on how we should “behave” have been shaped by these experimental eras. Another era, The Sixties Revolution gave us many one-liners. One that applies to the Roaring Twenties and Naughty Nineties is… different strokes for different folks.

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What Will the French Like?

Amazon just opened a Kindle store in France enabling them to buy any one of the eight books I have for sale. Immediately I began to wonder if any of my titles would suit them. Perhaps they would enjoy my children’s story about the mouse that tangles with a woman because she cooks with his acorns. The French have mice AND kids. They might also like the book I co-wrote with my husband, “The Common Sense Guide to Good Sex”, the French like sex but they may not need a guidebook although the cartoons are very funny.

The French might enjoy my “Poor Jonny’s Cookbook” where they’ll read how to cook with acorns so they can get in trouble with the mice. I wonder if the French would appreciate my “Secret Genealogy” book for uncovering ancient Jewish ancestry. Would they even care or do they want to put all that behind them and live and let live?

I’ve got one book they may be fascinated with and that’s my story “Gone North”. It’s the rendition of life in the rugged mountains of Northern California complete with rock stars, pot growers and loose women. The French have rock stars and I’m pretty sure they have loose women. But do they have pot growers? Probably not. They might need to smuggle their weed in from Morocco. Hey France – have I got a story for you!

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